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When you are looking to improve how you sleep, there is no better choice than a new memory foam mattress. Offering outstanding support, comfort and long life span, a memory foam mattress will help you sleep soundly for years. Ultimate comfort is the primary consideration for those seeking a new mattress. A gel bed provides excellent cooling properties as well as the shape-conforming comfort of memory foam. While foam isn’t organic, these beds are made with eco-friendly methods that also make sure that the bed stays healthy for you.

At NEA Mattress Direct of Jonesboro AR, our memory foam mattresses are of the best quality and at affordable prices! Ask questions about Memory Foam. The properties of the foam are controlled by pressure rather than chemical treatments, and the cover is made of natural bamboo. You will be able to rest easy knowing that you are not exposing yourself to unnecessary levels of chemicals.

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Standard mattresses are often full of chemicals. Some of these chemicals are used to make the foam and glue in the mattress itself, while others are added as fire retardants. Mattresses may even be treated with pesticides meant to keep bedbugs away. Unfortunately, these substances can also cause health problems. The “new mattress smell” is also quite noxious when it is trapped in your bedroom.

Avoiding the smell and the unhealthy chemicals that cause it is as easy as buying an organic mattress. A natural bed uses materials and weaves that are naturally fire resistant, so you don’t have to worry about burning up if you skip the flame retardant chemical treatment. Good natural beds also are made of materials that have organic bug repellent properties. You can feel confident bringing a new memory foam mattress into your home.

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